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"Error Requesting Offline Configuration" when Server Name Wrong in Configuration Document

Technote Number: 1092663

This issue was reported to Lotus Quality Engineering and has been addressed in
DOLS 1.0.3 (which ships with Domino 5.0.7).

Excerpt from the Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino Release 5.0.7 QMR Fix List
(available at http://www.notes.net):

SPR# CLYH4QWQ3B - CanonicalServerName field is incorrect in Offline
Configuration Document. Prior to this fix, the field would show whatever is
listed in the location document home/mail server field. This problem has been
fixed in 5.0.7

For a user to successfully install the iNotes Access for Microsoft Outlook
client or other DOLS-enabled application, the correct canonical server name
must be listed in the Offline Configuration document in the user's mail file or
database. If this name is incorrect, you receive errors during the install of

To work around the issue, use the following steps:

1. To check the field CanonicalServerName in the Offline Configuration
document, open the mail file with a Notes Client. Select Actions, Edit Offline
2. Right-click and select Field Properties, then change to Document Properties
using the drop-down box.
3. In the Document Properties, click the Design tab (triangle icon). Select
"CanonicalServerName" from the list of field names on the left. In the
right-hand pane, you should see the name of the DOLS server in canonical format
4. Verify that this matches the name of the server on which the mail file
5. If this name is incorrect, you must delete and re-create the Offline
Configuration document. First, you must verify the correct mail server name is
entered in your Location document.

a. Open your Location document (File, Mobile, Edit Current Location).
b. Click the Servers tab.
c. In the "Home/mail server:" field, enter the full hierarchical name of the
server (Server/OrgUnit/Organization).
d. Save and close.

Note: If you are an administrator creating mail files for other users, you
need to temporarily change the entry in the Home/Mail Server field in your
Location document, or switch to a Location document that has the correct server
name for the particular mail user whose file you are correcting.

6. Delete and re-create the Offline Configuration document using the
instructions in the following document:

"How to Delete and Recreate the Offline Configuration Document in an Extended
Mail File" (#182921 ).Supporting Information:

The Offline Configuration document reads the value of the Mail Server from the
Location document, not the Mail Server selected during User Registration.
Therefore, this situation can occur when an administrator, whose mail file is
on one server, creates user mail files on a different server. To prevent this
issue from occurring, when registering users make sure you use a Location
document that has the correct value for the Home/Mail Server for the users you
are registering.
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How to Delete and Recreate the Offline Configuration Document in an Extended
Mail File
Document #: 182921
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